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Thank You | Immolation Central

Thank You

Grief has a life of its own, and it touches everything without mercy or reason. The bed becomes too big, the room too quiet, the everyday actions too filled with longing, the words too full of meaning, the hours and days too long, the memories too painful and too precious.

Two things happened the other day, one expected and the other a complete surprise, both of which brought tears and steps toward healing.

We got the phone call that we could pick up Guile's ashes. I have only the most wonderful and deeply appreciative things to say about the doctor and staff who did their best for Guile on the night that he died, but going back there was like ripping off a bandage too soon, and bringing Guile's ashes home seemed to only remind us of how much we had lost. That was the expected thing.

The unexpected thing came in the mail, a card from Wolf Haven International, telling us that someone, somewhere had thought of a beautiful, poignant and utterly, heartbreakingly perfect way to reach out to us and to honor Guile's memory.

card front in loving memory

siri adoption

Dear anonymous donor(s), please accept my deepest thanks on behalf of Siri the Wolf and my own aching heart. I simply could not find the words until after the tears, and then I realized that all I wanted to say was "Thank you."

To everyone who has sent messages of sadness and comfort, reminding me again and again how much we share, in joy and in sorrow, when we open our hearts and our lives - thank you. For sharing the joy and beauty that was Guile's time with us, for loving and respecting all animals, for extending a hand of comfort and friendship when we needed it - thank you.

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