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Hounds of Love | Immolation Central

Hounds of Love

boys tails

Does your dog love you?

Every animal that isn't human seems to make fairly efficient and survival-savvy choices about who to hang out with, while we two-legged oversized neonates tend to romanticize ourselves and one another beyond recognition - how can we make smart choices when we aren't even honest most of the time about who we are and who the other is?

I sincerely and deeply doubt that my dog loves me the way that most people mean "love" when they say that they love another, human or dog. But whatever he does feel towards me, his company is honest and uncluttered. That means more to me than a word that was invented to fill the space between beings. I'm learning to be more honest myself, and to enjoy the company and the love of another person without the weight of extraneous expectations and the illusions created by the conventions that stifle so many possibilities. My heart is lighter for it, and I wish the same for you, reader person


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  1. Comment by Bea Elliott on June 3, 2009 6:27 am

    Wonderful post! Thank you for your profound wisdom; and the beautiful way you express your thoughts.

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