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2009 July | Immolation Central

Don't Go Away

guile triptych sm

Rain, rain...


Stay until my heart is soaked so I never forget you. Play with me. Bring lightning! Race me to the edge of the woods. I will stay out here with you even when it gets dark. We can build a fort with a sign on the door that says "Keep Out." I will bring sandwiches and comic books. Thunder will be our secret signal.

Rain or Shine

Through thick and thin, rain and shine, hard times and good times...I have you.

shiva rain

You, and my tennis ball.

Two Years

You sneaky little bastard, creeping in here while I was all holed up and healing my heart, and you stole it! You stole my heart! WTH? Who does that? Who steals someone's heart like that? You know what? Fine. Keep it. Really. I want you to have it.

shiva birthday face

Happy birthday, you crazy little fucker.

Shadow and Light

shadow legs

This blog and I have taken awhile to figure out what we are doing here. We've been dancing around here like clumsy bears for so long, sometimes I can't remember why we started. Recently, finally, happily, it's become clear to me that the pictures and the prose are all that belong here, so I'll be purging the rest over the next few days.

Some of this stuff will be resurrected elsewhere soon enough, on other sites that I'll link to from here as they get hooked up. There are some good seeds here and there that I believe deserve planting in better ground.

From today, this spot is just going to be about animals and all of the things that they inspire in me - the loves, the questions, the musings and ramblings and ponderings, and maybe most of all - the wonder.

And the gratitude. Always the gratitude.

I love you all, and thank you for inspiring me always to do better, to be better, and to share.


Some days the pain is like a light shining in my bones.


That light can change everything. Like a fire burning through the dark, it shows me what is real.


Sometimes I close my eyes and pretend I am somewhere else.

no collars

Sometimes I open them and I don't want to be anywhere but here.

Variations on a Theme of Desire

My soaring, leaping,
hovering, tumbling, crashing,
singing, burning, quiet,
lovely, wildflower, hummingbird dream!

my air ball

I am tensed,
ready to spring
the moment you are within my reach.

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