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2009 January | Immolation Central

The Subject is Anatomy

This running skeleton is from Make Something Cool Every Day, and I am in love.

running skeleton

Guile went to school with me yesterday and was a lab subject. Which is, of course, not as evil as it sounds....

He had a good time, and he looked pretty disappointed when I left for school this morning without him.

There will be other labs, big guy. Heh. Other labs. Get it?

Leave your own horrid puns in the comments.

Archived Baby Love

Here is Shiva when he was about 12 weeks old and this close to being named after the librarian in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series of graphic novels:

shiva 1lucienshiva 2

If I could find a better picture of Lucien, you'd know what I mean. Instead, you'll have to settle for the cuteness that is a handful of puppy in a bean bag chair. With a stuffed Tigger.

I :heart: him.

Tears In Heaven

In The Gunning Down of Hog Heaven, Chris Kirby of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve gives a pretty rational account of the entirely irrational killing of one more extended family of wolves in Montana at the end of last year.

Genetic diversity is essential to wolf recovery and mandatory for all wolf management plans both federal and state. It played a major role in the court ruling that returned the wolf to the endangered status after being delisted earlier this year.

In numbers, the loss of livestock is menial.* Managing wolves with an eye for an eye, any eye then ending with the lives of more than two wolves is extraneous. This places an enormous amount of pressure on an animal listed as endangered species and is a huge risk to their population numbers as well as their genetic diversity.

Read the full article here.

This is one cost of animal exploitation that we don't talk about much. The hidden cost of hamburgers includes the continuing endangerment and eventual extinction of any perceived threat, such as wolves. Even though they are not a significant threat. More cows die of neglect, abuse, starvation and illness while waiting to be killed and eaten by humans than are killed by all predators combined.

It's math, people. You don't even have to have compassion. Logic will suffice. But it doesn't hurt to have a heart. Oh, wait...yes, it does.

hog heaven

Rest in peace, little brothers and sisters.

What I Missed

...while I was away: So. Much. Snow.

But the dogs were captured by AtomX on super-crappy cell phone video!


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