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2008 December | Immolation Central

Shiva Says...

trippin 2

Sometimes You Can Take Your Seatbelt Off

Like when traffic is at a standstill for a couple of hours because of snow and ice. Yay!

trippin 1

The Northern California Coast is all Redwoods and Dogs

trippin 3

trippin 5

trippin 2

Guile peed in the Pacific Ocean, but I am pretty sure no one noticed.


So ends the perilous adventure of driving the left coast in snow and ice. Our gracious and generous hostess here in Hollywood is the lovely Lily, 90 bashful and demure pounds of bully love...

lily 1

Better pictures to come.


trippin 1

Morning Coffee: spiked with expectation, tinged with sadness

The girl and I hit the horizon today, headed for the big lights and the pursuit of her dreams. This road trip promises everything from winter storms in mountain passes to old friends and sunny beaches. While I savor every moment with the girl, I am sad to leave behind these three devoted boys:

3 boys 2

The two furry ones are Shiva and Guile, the resident canids of this blog. They are my endless joy and inspiration. The bump on the right is AtomX, my love and my heart's home, my best friend and confidant. When you find someone that you are so utterly compatible with, it's hard to contemplate being without them. Knowing that he waits here for me at the end of this trip makes it possible for me to begin. And that is true of all my days as well as this adventure.

Keep warm while I am away, my sweet loves! And please do not just eat cookies the whole time, okay?

boys 1

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