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Moving On

My new home is here.

Everything changes. One day I'll move all of this over.

And witty, and gay.

You be smart today.

shiva goggles

I feel pretty.

(for K & L with big love)

I'm Fine

Sometimes I don't want any help.

my stick

I just want to carry my own stick, all by myself.

One Step Forward

The Sufis say that while your heart grieves for what it has lost, your spirit celebrates what remains.

shiva guile dance now

Everybody dance now.

This post is officially and rationally dedicated to the eminently compassionate Dandelion, admirer of avocados, modest overlord, and voice of reason at Vegan Represent.

Tears In Heaven

In The Gunning Down of Hog Heaven, Chris Kirby of Wolf Howl Animal Preserve gives a pretty rational account of the entirely irrational killing of one more extended family of wolves in Montana at the end of last year.

Genetic diversity is essential to wolf recovery and mandatory for all wolf management plans both federal and state. It played a major role in the court ruling that returned the wolf to the endangered status after being delisted earlier this year.

In numbers, the loss of livestock is menial.* Managing wolves with an eye for an eye, any eye then ending with the lives of more than two wolves is extraneous. This places an enormous amount of pressure on an animal listed as endangered species and is a huge risk to their population numbers as well as their genetic diversity.

Read the full article here.

This is one cost of animal exploitation that we don't talk about much. The hidden cost of hamburgers includes the continuing endangerment and eventual extinction of any perceived threat, such as wolves. Even though they are not a significant threat. More cows die of neglect, abuse, starvation and illness while waiting to be killed and eaten by humans than are killed by all predators combined.

It's math, people. You don't even have to have compassion. Logic will suffice. But it doesn't hurt to have a heart. Oh, wait...yes, it does.

hog heaven

Rest in peace, little brothers and sisters.

Shiva Says...

trippin 2

Sometimes You Can Take Your Seatbelt Off

Like when traffic is at a standstill for a couple of hours because of snow and ice. Yay!

trippin 1

The Northern California Coast is all Redwoods and Dogs

trippin 3

trippin 5

trippin 2

Guile peed in the Pacific Ocean, but I am pretty sure no one noticed.

Right Here, Right Now

I :heart: these guys so much...

boys on the couch

...even though they weren't much help with the move...

boys help move

We went for a long, wet walk in the fields behind the new place today. It's so lovely here, all breezy,open, lush green farmland snuggled up against the shoulders of the mountains, and the sky always promising something. The sound of rain on a metal roof has always been a favorite of mine. It must be a relic of my childhood in tornado country, how thunderstorms soothe me the way that hot cocoa and hugs do other folks.

Happy, happy.

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